Dumping That AOL E-Mail Address : Blog Of The Nation Mary Schmich writes in the Chicago Tribune that your first e-mail address is like a first kiss -- you never forget it.  Still, she's moved on from that well-worn AOL address.  Do you still have your first e-ail address?
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Dumping That AOL E-Mail Address

Mary Schmich announces a recent divorce in her latest column -- from AOL. Several years ago, she writes, she gave up her long-time e-mail address for a shiny new Google address. But, she can't shake the nostalgia for her trusty old e-mail.

Many reports on the e-mail wars refer to AOL's "stigma." If your e-mail name comes with @aol.com attached, we're told, you may as well be wearing white disco pants.
Such a fall from favor would have been hard to imagine back when I joined in 1997. AOL was the first e-mail address for millions of us, and we all remember our first e-mail addresses as surely as we remember our first kiss.
Don't you?

I suspect Mary's in good company. At last count, I have collected more than a half dozen email addresses over the years. Some I keep because it's too much trouble to ask my friends and family to update their address books. Others I hang onto because I got in early and grabbed an address like "scott@..."

Do you remember your first email address?  And do you still have it?

You can read Mary Schmich's full column at the Chicago Tribune's website.