'Gifts Of Holidays Past' : Blog Of The Nation The Computer History Museum reminds us that long before iPads and iPhones, the hot holiday gadgets were Furbys and Atari 2600s. What else is on their list of "Gifts of Holidays Past?"
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'Gifts Of Holidays Past'

For anyone who doesn't remember a holiday season without the iPad and iPhone, USA Today's Technology Live blog today brought my attention to the Computer History Museum's list of "Gifts of Holidays Past."

The top 10:

Atari 2600 with "Combat" game cartridge, Atari, U.S., 1978
Game Boy, Nintendo, Japan, 1989
Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo, Japan, 1990
Furby, Tiger Electronics, U.S., 1998
The Kitchen Computer, Honeywell, U.S., 1969
Speak & Spell children's toy, Texas Instruments, U.S., 1978
Nike + iPod Sport Kit, Nike and Apple, U.S., 2006
AIBO robotic dog, Sony, Japan, 1999
DG-10 Digital Guitar, Casio, Japan, 1983
Muppet Learning Keys keyboard, Koala Technologies, U.S., 1984