The Irish Economy -- Now Animated! : Blog Of The Nation The troubles of the Irish economy are both legion and complicated. Now, the group behind the Taiwanese animated news clips handle the EU bailout, complete with an animated Celtic Tiger.
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The Irish Economy — Now Animated!

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You've probably already seen NMA's version of the infamous Tiger Woods Thanksgiving incident -- NMA, or Next Media, is the group behind the Taiwanese animated news clips that have taken the Zeitgeist by storm.  But not all their animations are Us Weekly worthy.  This video explaining the Irish financial crisis and European Union bailout is one of the best explainers I've ever seen.  It does, however, include about FIVE HUNDRED Irish stereotypes.  Part of its charm?  You decide.

Side note: the guy that created Next Media, and the news videos, is fascinating -- his name is Jimmy Lai.  More on him here.