Oh, The Things We Say Wrong ... : Blog Of The Nation Everyday, we hear people purposefully slur or combine words in conversation, like "imma" and "a whole 'nother." This informative YouTube video called "Things We Say Wrong" gives a quirky language explainer on why pronunciation matters.
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Oh, The Things We Say Wrong ...

There’s no hiding it when I’m around close friends — I’m an unabashed stickler for proper word pronunciation and usage. “Imma” is not a word. That’s just getting somewhat lazy, right? Don’t even get me started on the word “crayon.” Anytime I hear someone pronounce it like the word “crane,” I get goosebumps.

Maybe this has something to do with the amount of time I spend listening closely to how people talk at work. Maybe.

I think Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon can agree with me on that note. His hilarious thoughts on the phrase “just saying” (which I suggest you check out) was just what I needed to hear... although I kept trying to keep  myself from saying the phrase to my sister to justify a point.

Then, I stumbled upon this little ditty discussing the “Things We Say Wrong”


Take this line, for instance:

We say things like, “I want a whole nother apple.” “Nother is not a word. You just took the word “another,” cut it in half, and stuck a word in the middle. That idea works for “a lot,” but “a lot” is two separate words already.

The guy who runs this YouTube Channel, which is appropriately called “What You Oughta Know,” offers 2-4 minute explainers on the faux pas we make every day. There’s no shortage of tips outside the world of language (I suggest checking out the ones on humanitarian aid and media bias). But I can’t help but obsess over the video above, as well as this one on spelling.

Enjoy, and don’t take it too harsh...ly.