December 23rd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour of Talk of the Nation, best movie parties, and what's changed for Latinos in 2010.  In our second hour, behavior profiling, Ask Amy, and remembering Fred Foy.
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December 23rd Show

In our second hour, "Ask Amy's" Amy Dickinson offers advice on handling your least wanted holiday guests. hide caption

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In our second hour, "Ask Amy's" Amy Dickinson offers advice on handling your least wanted holiday guests.

Best Movie Parties
Between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve nearly everyone will attend a party where the fun may be more implied than realized.  Neal Conan talks to Talk of the Nation's favorite film buff, Murray Horwitz, about one party that always delivers:  the movie party.  For some people, the one they wish they'd attended is the barbeque from "Gone with the Wind", but for others it's the hallucinogenic bacchanalia from "Midnight Cowboy".  Which prom, costume ball, house party or New Year's Eve gala would have been the most fun for you?

What Changed for Latinos in 2010
Today, we begin our series of conversations that look back at 2010. We're asking people from a variety of backgrounds: what's changed in the past year?  We saw a dramatic and contentious election year, coupled with the ups and downs of Wall Street--while census numbers revealed that America is becoming more diverse by race and Hispanic origin.  For Latinos in the US, 2010 was a challenge: high school drop out rates did not improve, the economic crisis affected them deeply, and the Senate vote on the Dream Act stumped hopes of immigration reform for undocumented young people. Today, host Neal Conan talks to national syndicated columnist with The Washington Post Writer's Group, Esther J. Cepeda, about what's changed in the past year for Latinos in the US.

Behavior Profiling and the TSA
Most airline passengers at airports expect to go through a body scan or pat-down, but they may also be screened based on their actions. Roughly 3,000 security officers trained under the Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT) program, identify people who may pose a threat to airline passengers based on body movement. Many say that human interactions with passengers, rather than technology, will help the TSA find the potential threats. But opponents argue that behavior profiling violates civil liberties. Neal Conan talks with Carl Maccario of the TSA, Ambassador Thomas McNamara, and Mike German of the ACLU about behavior profiling, and whether it is effective for airport security.

How to Say: "You're Not Invited"
While we love and tolerate our next-of-kin and extended family, there are those whose presence makes congregating around the tree awkward. Some of us say little or nothing at all, while others just avoid the problem invitee. So what IS the appropriate way to interact with these guests? Today, we check in with Amy Dickinson who writes the syndicated "Ask Amy" column for The Chicago Tribune about how to handle awkward holiday party guests.

Fred Foy Remembered
The famous voice of The Lone Ranger -- Fred Foy -- who called "Hi-yo Silver!" in each lead-in... died yesterday at the age of 89.  Host Neal Conan has a remembrance.