February 1st Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour of Talk of the Nation, Egyptian protesters take to the streets but with different motivations. In our second hour, Joseph Nye and the future of power, and the new dietary guidelines.
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February 1st Show

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Egypt Protesters
The popular uprising in Egypt has a clear, unified demand — the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak. But there are many groups involved in the opposition with varied agendas and no clear leader. Neal Conan talks with New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid in Cairo, and Georgetown University's Samer Shehata about who the protesters are and what they want from a post-Mubarak Egypt.

Crowds: we move through them every day, in subway stations, at sporting events, on city blocks, through grocery stores aisles and retail stores. Crowds often define our movements in public. But what happens when things go awry, or a crowd moves beyond human control? New Yorker staff writer John Seabrook, joins host Neal Conan to discuss his article, "Crush Point."

The Future Of Power
Joseph Nye Jr. coined the term smart power to describe the range of options in wars of ideas as well as force. Now, in a new book, Nye examines emerging powers — not just states like China and India — but banks, corporations, hackers and terrorists in a complex world of digital communication and climate change. Host Neal Conan talks with Nye about his book, The Future Of Power.

Dietary Guidelines
Every five years the USDA and DHHS unveil new dietary guidelines for Americans. This time around, they're simpler, asking Americans not to get their fruits and veggies by ounces and grams, but on a generous half of their plates. Host Neal Conan talks with NPR science reporter April Fulton about what's different in this new set of guidelines and what they will mean for hungry consumers.