June 6th: What's On Today's Show : Blog Of The Nation In the first hour of Talk of the Nation, immigration crackdowns on employers, and the future of The New York Times. In the second hour, tensions between doctors and nurses, and comedian Aisha Tyler.
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June 6th: What's On Today's Show

In the second hour, guests talk about growing tension between doctors and nurses in many hospital rooms. iStockphoto.com hide caption

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Employer Immigration Crackdown
The Supreme Court last month upheld an Arizona law that penalizes businesses for employing undocumented workers. More than two dozen states have now implemented their own laws on immigration. The focus on employers extends to the federal government. In 2010, the Obama Administration arrested and fined a record number of employers for violating federal immigration laws. Host Neal Conan talks with state and federal officials about the increased focus on employers — how it will be carried out and what effect it may have on illegal immigration.

Future Of The New York Times
Jill Abramson was appointed the new executive editor of The New York Times last week, replacing Bill Keller, who's held the post since 2003. In September, Abramson, the current managing editor, will become the first woman to lead the news organization since it was established 160 years ago. Host Neal Conan talks with Keller and Abramson about the future of what many call the world's most important newspaper.

Tensions Between Doctors And Nurses
One of Theresa Brown's patients jokingly asked who he could blame after a long wait for test results. The doctor pointed at Brown, a nurse, and said, "If you want to scream at anyone, scream at her." According to the doctor, it's a time-honored tradition for doctors to blame nurses. In a New York Times opinion piece titled, "Physician, Heel Thyself," Brown writes that the bullying of nurses can affect patient care and lead to further bullying among nurses. Brown joins host Neal Conan and Dr. Rahul Parikh, who writes the PopRx column for Salon, to talk about the tensions between nurses and doctors.

Comedienne Aisha Tyler
Aisha Tyler played the African-American love interest of both Joey and Ross on the hit NBC show Friends, hosted Talk Soup on E! and starred on the big screen alongside Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken. Her first love, though, is stand-up comedy. Tyler returns to the stage for a nationwide tour, giving audiences her honest and edgy spin on childhood, the married life, and pop culture. Neal Conan talks with Aisha Tyler about her career in the entertainment business, and her return to stand-up.