June 29th: What's On Today's Show : Blog Of The Nation Today on Talk of the Nation, political junkie Ken Rudin and what people mean when they talk about a party's "base," Eddie Bocanegra and Alex Kotlowitz from the documentary The Interrupters, and innovators talk about where ideas come from.
NPR logo June 29th: What's On Today's Show

June 29th: What's On Today's Show

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Political Junkie: Defining The Base

Late Friday night, the New York State Senate followed the Assembly and passed a bill legalizing gay marriage. Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly signed it into law. Opponents of the measure promise they'll work against Republicans and moderate Democrats who voted for the measure. It's a key social issue to the political base of both parties. Political junkie Ken Rudin and host Neal Conan talk with former Republican congressman Vin Weber and Democratic pollster and consultant Anna Greenberg about who we mean when we talk about "the base," and what might motivate them in advance of the 2012 elections. The two will also recap the week in politics from Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential announcement to former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's conviction on corruption charges.

Countering Violence With 'The Interrupters'

A fifth person was found guilty earlier this month in the murder of Derrion Albert, the 16-year-old Chicago honor student whose beating was caught on camera in 2009. His brutal death highlighted an uptick in violence in and around many Chicago schools in recent years. The crime prevention program CeaseFire, was established in 2000 to help stop the cycle of violence and in 2004 adopted what they call "Violence Interrupters." The new documentary The Interrupters, follows former gang members who now work with the CeaseFire program. Host Neal Conan talks with Eddie Bocanegra, a Violence Interrupter and former gang member, and with bestselling author Alex Kotlowitz, who produced the film, about the documentary and the group's mission to stop the cycle of violence in Chicago.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Great thinkers and leaders from around the world come together each year for the Aspen Ideas Festival to discuss their work and their ideas. But where do those ideas — and ideas in general — come from? Host Neal Conan talks with Sandy Speicher, Director of Design for Learning at IDEO, Amit Chatterjee, CEO and founder of Hara, and sculptor and painter Eric Fischl about where they find inspiration and how innovation is born.