July 21st: What's On Today's Show : Blog Of The Nation In the first hour of Talk of the Nation, what a 21st century American city might look like, and memories of NASA's space shuttle program. In the second hour, the severity of the country's heat wave, and the 150th anniversary of The Battle of Bull Run.
NPR logo July 21st: What's On Today's Show

July 21st: What's On Today's Show

Harold Ferslew, owner of Capitol Roofing Company, spreads 550 degree hot tar on a roof on July 20, 2011 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In our second hour, meteorologists talk about the severe heat wave affecting much of the U.S. Brett Deering/Getty Images hide caption

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America's 21st Century Cities
The challenges America's cities face are daunting — crumbling infrastructure, unemployment, troubled schools and budget crises — but in those problems, lie opportunities. As cities try new and creative ways to reinvent themselves, they're developing solutions that the rest of the country can learn from and imitate. Host Neal Conan talks with Peter Trick and the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, about what a 21st century American City might look like.

Memories Of The Space Shuttle
America's space shuttle program ended this morning. Shuttle Atlantis touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in the pre-dawn darkness, the final mission of a program that carried humans into space for 30 years, opened new windows on the universe through the Hubble telescope and helped build the International Space Station, among other accomplishments. Host Neal Conan replay the final moments of the historic landing and talk to callers about their memories of NASA's space shuttle program.

Hammered By Heat And Drought
A dangerous heat wave that's spread across much of the U.S. killed nearly two dozen people this week and hurt businesses in affected areas. In many places, the triple digit weather is making devastating droughts even worse for farmers and ranchers. Up to 1,500 head of cattle died across the state of South Dakota. And in eastern Iowa, the blistering sun caused a portion of Interstate 380 to buckle. Neal Conan talks with meteorologist Howie Bluestein, Tim O'Neil of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Anayeli Ruiz of NewsWest 9 in Midland, Texas, about the severity of the heat wave and how it is affecting businesses and lives across the country.

The Battle Of Bull Run