September 5th: What's On Today's Show? : Blog Of The Nation In the first hour of Talk of the Nation, what's next for Libya, and on the opinion page an argument on Labor Day that respect is fading for labor. In the second hour, the challenges of going back to school in a tough economy, and six-word memoirs on work
NPR logo September 5th: What's On Today's Show?

September 5th: What's On Today's Show?

In our second hour, listeners share their work stories in exactly six words. Smith Magazine hide caption

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What's Next For Libya?
Rebels in Libya continue to prepare for a final push on Bani Walid, one of the last strongholds of ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi. As rebel forces continue to topple key cities, questions arise about what happens next. Host Neal Conan talks with NPR foreign correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro and New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid about the rapidly evolving situation in Libya, and with Fouad Ajami, a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution about the country's next steps.

Opinion Page: Whither Labor Day?
Today is Labor Day in name only, E.J. Dionne argues in The Washington Post. "We may still celebrate Labor Day, but our culture has given up on honoring workers as the real creators of wealth and their honest toil — the phrase itself seems antique — as worthy of genuine respect." It's just a matter of time, he says, before Labor Day falls off the calendar. But, while it remains, he writes, "it should shame us about our cool indifference to the heroism of those who go to work every day." Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne joins host Neal Conan on the Opinion Page.

Back To School In A Tough Economy
As the new school year begins, many districts face tighter budgets and difficult choices about what programs to cut, which teachers to keep, and what school supplies to provide. Host Neal Conan talks with Steve Ellis, principal of Fike High School in Wilson, North Carolina, about the particular challenges facing his school district this year. He also talks with Walt Gardner, a former teacher and columnist for Education Week and Sean Cavanagh, a reporter with Education Week, about the challenges facing other districts and how those challenges affect students and families.

Six Word Memoirs On Work
"I'm in it for the money." "It's a holiday. I'm still here." Summing up your work can be difficult — especially in six words. Smith Magazine has published a string of successful books in recent years with six-word memoirs. Contributors offer their life stories, brushes with fame, tales of love or pregnancy — and now their work story — in exactly six words. Smith Magazine co-founder Larry Smith joins host Neal Conan on this Labor Day to take calls from people who want to share their six-word memoirs of work, from lessons learned to that terrible boss.