Your Runaway Plants List : Talking Plants Blog Lots of surprises in your comments about Gorgeous But Heartbreaking Plants.
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Your Runaway Plants List

Lots of surprises in your comments about Gorgeous But Heartbreaking Plants.

A quick perusal of our community's Mea Culpa, Never Again plants includes vinca, blackberry, mint, sweet potato vine (Jesse, where do you live?), wisteria, straight and variegated bishops weed (pure purgatory), bittersweet vine (Celastrus orbiculatus, currently in running as the next kudzu), Chinese lanterns, liriope and junipers (quoting Chainsaw John on that last fiend, "Die monster die!").

Poor Sandy can no longer get a shovel through her lily of the valley. Even a billyclub can't helped Shari control her Lysimachia ciliata 'Purpurea'. And Nathan sat by horrified as English ivy turned his house into a chia pet (it shouldn't happen to a dog).

Invasive plants know no boundaries. Do not try this at home. photo credit: Grace Kerr hide caption

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photo credit: Grace Kerr

For sheer olfactory hell, though, consider the case of Lauren, whose oregano escaped its planter and spread poolside. The hapless woman now writes, "it's like swimming in an Italian restaurant".

Of course the list might have been extremely useful had I asked people to tell us where they gardened, because while the really bad stuff (English ivy, bittersweet vine, bishops weed) are bad just about everywhere, not all these invaders need be shunned. So if you'd like to confess about the worst plant you've unleashed on the neighborhood (trust us, you'll feel better afterwards), be sure to tell us where you live.

Just don't mention your address.