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Oregon to Ban Butterfly Bush?


A butterfly bush can be a gorgeous thing. I remember seeing my first dark purple one in full flower (it was the now-ubiquitous 'Dark Knight') covered in butterflies and not believing my eyes.

HOWEVER ... here in the Northwest, they are noxious weeds; if another one was never planted out here, the species would still dominate the landscape for decades to come. And by landscape I don't just mean gardens; I mean the ever-threatened wild.

THEREFORE ... it was with great pleasure I read today that the plant division of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is proposing to restrict its sale in Oregon. Woweee!

BE AWARE ... that the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) has already managed to work around the ODA ban on awful, mean, nasty ivy. Oregon nurseries can still sell Hedera helix for "indoor or containerized uses" — as if anyone's watching what Oregonians do with their ivy.

TO WIT ... I ain't celebrating just yet...but thought you might want to know it's in the works...