Lady Bird Would Roll In Her Grave : Talking Plants Blog Imagine corporate logos spelled out in the flowers on the sides of America's highways and you'll understand why Lady Bird Johnson would roll in her grave.
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Lady Bird Would Roll In Her Grave

Believe me, I do not invoke the name of the great lady lightly. But Lady Bird Johnson — the woman behind the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 — would no doubt consider it the saddest of days if she'd seen these two innocent words married into one terrifying phrase:


I just saw it for the first time at The Human Flower Project, an excellent source of human/horticultural tidbits, in a blog entry titled That's No Garden, It's A Billboard. The subject is the easing of highway landscape restrictions that could allow corporate logos to be spelled out in plants. "If a company pays enough, California drivers could be whizzing by flowering signage."

Ponder this composite pix by Christopher Flynn and you'll see why vegetative advertising is a phrase to be feared.

It's not happening yet -- this pix has been photoshopped -- but according to the L.A. Times, the director of the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) is hoping for a change in the rules re:freeway advertising. photo credit: Christopher Flynn hide caption

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photo credit: Christopher Flynn

One of the best places to keep track of this story is at Scenic America. To get up to speed, here's some background. And if you're somehow involved or can offer us some insight, do post...