Where The Hell Is My Dog? Day 3 : Talking Plants Blog It's been almost 72 hours since my beagle ran away and despite taking all the recommended steps, there's simply no sign of Starlet.
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Where The Hell Is My Dog? Day 3

The excitement of hammering up posters, buying print ads and filling out online Missing Dog reports is over. I am now in limbo.

My dog Starlet's absence — in any permanent way — doesn't seem real enough to consider...yet I'm clueless as to what to do next. I am not proud to say I have temporarily given up on Day 3; I'm just sitting her paralyzed with lethargy hoping to simply konk out from so many sleepless nights.

(Don't worry, the money you've just pledged to your member station isn't going to get wasted on my sad self-indulgence. I'm taking a personal day.)

We're heading towards 72 hours of missing dogness. I don't think I've ever had an animal go missing this long before. And I can assure you that the non-ringing of my phone (and this with my number plastered everywhere) has never, never seemed louder.

Are lost dogs and cats like lost socks? Do they just disappear, never to be found?