Winter Dip Into Our Flickr Pool : Talking Plants Blog Radial blurs and sepia tones are showing up among the flora in the Talking Plants Flickr pool.
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Winter Dip Into Our Flickr Pool

A quick peek at what's going on these day on our Talking Plants Flickr group. The conversation went like this:

jesse.sexton: Cool shot, is this some variety of post processing or did you use radial blur or even a lens baby? Either way, very pretty.

pathos3: Thanks Jesse. Radial blur, b/w conversion, and sepia toning.

A shot taken at the Cathy Fromme Prairie, Fort Collins, CO. I'm sensing the beauty here in the process, not the plant. photo credit: pathos3 hide caption

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photo credit: pathos3

Why not put your body (of work, anyway) in our pool; join the party.