A Special Visitor : Tell Me More This particular piece isn't part of our "Who Knew Them When" series, but it very well could be someday...
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A Special Visitor

Pressed to make deadline, Aujeanette takes a final glance at show material with team members Monika Evstatieva and Marie Nelson. Lee Hill, NPR hide caption

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Lee Hill, NPR

This particular piece isn't part of our "Who Knew Them When" series, but it very well could be someday...

We get visitors all the time here -- authors and experts, dignitaries and the like -- those who claim to be in the "know" about who's who and what's what in our world.

But, I'd like you to meet someone special. She is 13-year-old Aujeanette Jones-Staunton. Last week, she shadowed me and the Rough Cuts team for a school project. Well, we found her so interesting that we figured you'd want to meet her, too!

About Aujeanette: She's an eighth-grader at Thornton Friends School in Silver Spring, Md. (The school is based on Quaker principles. How cool is that?) She's very energetic, bright and has lots of creativity. So it should come as no surprise that we quickly adopted her as a part of our production family.

During her visit, she sat down with one of our team members, Lee Hill, for a little one-on-one about why she's such a radio fan, her first impressions of NPR and what makes her school so unique:

Lee: So what brings you here?

Aujeanette: I'm doing an eighth-grade project for my school. I'm supposed to be opening up new possibilities by shadowing someone to see what they do.

Lee: Why Michel Martin (and the Rough Cuts team)?

Aujeanette: She's in radio, and I like radio.

Lee: And why do you like radio?

Aujeanette: I love music, and music lives on the radio... I wanted to see (here) what other types of radio there was.

Lee: How do you know about NPR?

Aujeanette: A family friend listens in the car.

Lee: And what was your first impression?

Aujeanette: Boring. But now that I've been here, it's actually pretty cool...(NPR has) pretty useful information.

Lee: Tell us about your school.

Aujeanette: It's Quaker-based. We go by all the Quaker standards. It's peaceful. Everyone's a community. It's a small school. Twenty-four students.

Lee: Interesting. What have you learned from hanging out with us?

Aujeanette: You have to be patient with all of the things you (all) do -- sending e-mails, cutting audio files and writing -- but then, in the end, it makes a great show... or blog... or whatever!

Lee: Anything to share with our younger listeners and/or bloggers?

Aujeanette: Everything is hard before it is easy! That's my motto.

Great motto, I must add. We wish Aujeanette all the best in her studies. And if she's reading this entry, don't be a stranger!