Early Bird Musings : Tell Me More Early here...With all the later posts, figured I'd switch things up a bit today.
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Early here...With all the later posts, figured I'd switch things up a bit today.

Our lead story yesterday started out as a "reader" -- a short clip I overheard on the local news while I was brushing my teeth (Can we say TMI?) and I thought...what a novel idea? The issue: a group of black professional employees -- personal bankers, financial advisers -- say they were steered to offer their services only in majority black neighborhoods. And when they complained, their employer, industry behemoth Bank of America, told them that's the way customers would want it to be. Now, B of A didn't want to talk to us -- they said they weren't ready and they issued a statement about how they don't discriminate (you can read it here).

But we were interested in the issue of customer preference. Can an institution do that, if it believes that's what customers want?

We heard from the lawyer for the plaintiffs, and a lawyer for the EEOC (NOT a party to the suit, we just wanted the big picture). We still hope to hear rfom B of A. It's an interesting dilemma.

Speaking of interesting...did you know we have this interesting relationship with the Washington Post Sunday Magazine? Here's how it works: they give us "dibs" on their upcoming stories and if we think there's something there of interest to you, we get the writer (and hopefully one of the subjects) involved to talk more about it. Yesterday there were two.

And finally....you all have responded to our call out for money dilemmas like CHAMPS. We are moved and humbled by your trust in sharing these stories with us. We also hope you're getting some interesting tips even if we don't select you as one of the participants. And for those of you who've written in to weigh in with your OWN advice, how awesome is that? Let's keep it flowing.

Gotta go...working on a high-powered show for you today...