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A Shared Freedom?

Juneteenth Celebration
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Happy Juneteenth!

...Or is it?

I don't know about you but I am fascinated by holidays. That might be because I am interested in the roots of things. For example, I didn't play the wedding march from Tristan und Isolde at our wedding because a) I don't like Wagner and b) I found out it's actually not meant to be a happy song. So that was the end of that.

But I have no hard and fast rule about it. I know people who don't celebrate Christmas with a tree because they believe decorating trees has pagan roots, and I know people who won't let their kids celebrate Halloween because of their view that it's too closely aligned with devil worship. I can see the point, but as all our neighbors will tell you...we show out for holidays. Oh yes. If there's a holiday we know about, we WILL be observing it -- and decorating too, I might add (and don't think it's just me, my husband is as bad as I am -- you think I'm the one who bought the two-story Frankenstein?)

So that brings me back to Juneteenth...celebrating the end of slavery in the US. Surely something to celebrate (and not just if you were a slave, I would argue. It was Martin Luther King's great insight that suggests oppression destroys the oppressor as well). Finding out TWO YEARS AFTER THE FACT? Not so much...

Do you celebrate Juneteenth? What is a fitting celebration? D.C. officials have taken it up in a big way. Here, it's also an opportunity to call attention to the lack of voting representation...there are parades and stuff like that.

But what do you think? Is it something we can all embrace?...In the same way that a lot of us have fun with St. Patrick's Day, if we're not Irish (I had a button that said "St. Patrick eats bagels" for years...wonder what happened to it?). And non-Mexicans are starting to enjoy Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to celebrate Hispanic culture (which is kind of funny because Mexico declared independence from Spain ELEVEN YEARS before the Spanish forces were actually routed on May 5, 1862)

Is Juneteenth something that speaks to shared values and experiences? And if we are celebrating...what's on the menu?