Hasta : Tell Me More Hey, it's Cheryl Corley here with you again. Whew! It's the end of a busy week — Sports fans could you keep up?Our Barbershop guys believe >
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Hey, it's Cheryl Corley here with you again. Whew! It's the end of a busy week -- Sports fans could you keep up?
Our Barbershop guys believe Atlanta Falcons football star Michael Vick might be able to pull through all the tough times battling dog fighting charges if sports scandals of the past are any indication. That's certainly not the opinon of animal lovers who've already started a campaign to keep Vick off the football field and are urging his corporate sponsors to drop him as well.

What do you think?

Vick was just one of many troubles that kept our sports gurus busy debating -- the NBA betting referee debacle, the "should we celebrate or should we not?" quandry over home-run slugger Barry Bonds and the continuing controversies of the Tour-de-France.

It was almost enough to overshadow politics! Almost.

The Congressional battle with the White House conitues over the federal prosecutors controversy continued as does the presidential debate train -- from YouTube to the National Urban League's presidential candidates' forum which featured the top Democratic contenders. Our political pundits say most people outside the beltway (that is, Washington, D.C.) aren't paying much attention to the debates yet. You tell us, are they right?...

And... Not much was resolved, but it was fascinating that evangelical Christians and Muslim leaders held a meeting earlier this month in an effort to foster some common ground. Richard Cizik, with the National Association for Evangelicals and Aziz Mekouar, the Moroccan ambassador to the United States continued the discussion in our studio. They say, still, more meetings will be held. It was a far cry from the tension of five years ago when the late Jerry Falwell and others were very vocal in their criticism of Islam and the prophet Muhammad.

It's time to wind down...party a little...So we ended the week with a visit to Soul Summer '67. Can't go wrong with a little Stevie and Aretha. Have a great weekend...

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