Let Your SOUL Glow... : Tell Me More R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You know you know the rest!
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Let Your SOUL Glow...

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You know you know the rest!

Yes, there's a lot going on in the world (Don't I know it!). But, please, it's summer, it's Friday...Don't you want to hear some great tunes? You know you love Aretha (or as we'd say "Aretha and them"...actually, it's more like, "Aretha 'N 'dem"). It's the SUMMER OF SOUL (love, whatever...) retrospective. Forty years later.

Yea, yea we got the idea from Rolling Stone...don't hate.

And because it's our job to inform and enlighten, as well as entertain, we are going to visit every Friday for the next few weeks with Mark Anthony Neal professor extraordinaire at Duke University, and some other commentators on the Summer of Soul. We'll explore why it mattered musically, what the songs and the artists were trying to say, politically, and what it means to us now.

Do you have a favorite song or artist from that summer? I am notoriously terrible at remembering song titles, so don't ask me. But I do find it very funny that I know all the lyrics to all of Aretha's songs (they must have been playing them in the operating room when my mother gave birth).

Have a great weekend. And don't forget, tell us YOUR song. And if your favorite isn't from 1967, don't despair. We still want to hear from you...