Elder Care and...Michael Vick Awkwardness : Tell Me More This is going to be short because we're all running...
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Elder Care and...Michael Vick Awkwardness

This is going to be short because we're all running...

Next week: Elder Care. Both the Mocha Moms and our money coach Alvin Hall will be dealing with this issue on our TUESDAY program next week. Suffice it to say, a lot of us are dealing with this issue.

If you are taking care of an elderly relative, or better yet, if it's on the horizon and you're not there yet, we want to hear from you.
What documents should you try to get? What kinds of things can you do to prepare yourself?

...And, if you're already in the thick of it, what do you desperately need to know...NOW?

If you have questions or comments, we'll try to answer them. We'll handle as many as we can, and hopefully have links to resources on our website. I bet that there are also cultural as well as economic and political issues that might not be on everybody's radar. So, we'll try to deal with those, too.

As for today's show, talking about Michael Vick...AWKWARD (for me).

If you're following the story of Atlanta Falcon's quarterback Michael Vick -- Vick and some associates were charged with conspiracy to conduct an illegal dog fighting ring -- then you might know my husband, Billy, is Mr. Vick's lead attorney in the case. I disclosed that information as soon as soon as he got the case. Our Barbershop guys have talked about it on days that happened to coincide with my time off. But today...unavoidable. The news is the news. We either talk about it or we ignore it. My thinking: you (we) are all adults and since you (we) know what my relationship is to the case (I've never met Vick, by the way), and we've let you know up front, you can listen to the conversation, accordingly. (And, yes, I would've liked to have said more in our conversations, but that would be wrong.)

OK, so moving right along...

I was glad we checked-in on Jamaica in the aftermath of Hurricane Dean. We hope to stay on top of developments there, as well as in Mexico and the earthquake in Peru.

I've covered both earthquakes and hurricanes. It's tough stuff, frightening to live through and depressing to recover from. We'll be thinking about all those who've lost loved ones and those who now face the task of rebuilding. We'll stay on top of events as best we can...