TMM Makes the 'Post' : Tell Me More I got home the day Susan came to take the pictures for the Post and my husband said, "so how was your day?" And I was hemming and hawing...
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TMM Makes the 'Post'

Not to brag, but to brag ... a tiny bit. Did you check out the profile of the show in the Sunday Washington Post? I was embarrassed to bring it up yesterday. I don't know why ... I hate getting my picture taken, I hate being interviewed. Hypocritical, I know, but true.

That isn't to say I WON'T do an interview -- I generally do if asked by a credible outlet, and if I have time -- otherwise, that's like being a chef who won't eat other people's food. You can't expect people to come to your restaurant if you won't trust them enough to go to theirs. Still, being interviewed is not my favorite thing. But I can't complain, especially because the writer of the piece clearly knows the radio business, has covered it, and asked good questions. And, I knew the photographer from when I was a White House correspondent! She was there, too. I think she worked for a newsmagazine then ... so that was cool. My picture was taken by a gal who takes pictures of the President!

Uh, SO WHAT, you say? I know, I know. We all breathe the same air. Still, kinda cool, right?

OK, one last dumb story: I got home the day Susan came to take the pictures for the Post and my husband said, "so how was your day?" And I was hemming and hawing, "oh, well, it was kind of interesting ... I, uh..." And then, before I could answer he busts out with, "I had my picture taken today for Washingtonian Magazine. I'm in their list of top lawyers (again). It was really cool."

So, he took all my shine! What could I say then? ... Me, too? My picture will be out before your picture? That is so messed up -- on the same day. Sigh.

Oh, and speaking of things I should have mentioned yesterday, but didn't: did you check out George and Lee's colloquy on colorism? I can't describe it -- that would it ruin it. You just have to hear it for yourself. So if you missed it, pause for a minute and check it out.

Now, onto TODAY, we had a very interesting conversation with Martin Luther King III about the meaning of activism and collective action in this day and age.

...And I have to tell you how moved I was by our Mocha Moms visit with Sandra Lee. She's the brains behind the Food Network's show Semi-Homemade. As much as I've watched that show, I never realized how hard the road had been that led to her success. Suffice to say, her life ain't been no crystal stair. The memoir is worth reading, and the recipes ... those'll work, too. I'm a slow cooker fan myself.

But Sandra Lee has to give up the tater tots. There is no room at the inn for tater tots. I'm sorry. That's just the fact...