Grateful for _______. : Tell Me More What are you grateful for?
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Grateful for _______.

We've had a full day, so this will be quick:

What are you grateful for?

Yes, the big day is coming up — the national holiday — when we are to (try) and maintain an "attitude of gratitude."

So, again, what are YOU grateful for?

Be original, be interesting, be poetic. We just might record your comments for our Thanksgiving show...

And coming up tomorrow...

The Pew Research Center, in association with NPR, has come up with some new numbers about race and racial attitudes — among African Americans and Whites. We'll be discussing this for the next few days, along with several other NPR programs. We plan to have a range of discussions — cross-generational, multi-racial. After the numbers are published, we want to know how this resonates with your world. Let us know...