Send us your 'Attitudes of Gratitude' : Tell Me More As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we're looking for heartwarming experiences from YOU to possibly share with our audience...
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Send us your 'Attitudes of Gratitude'

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Lee, here...

Today's conversations on the Pew/NPR poll on racial attitudes make quite the dinner table/water cooler discussion. So, check them out when you have a moment, and meet us back here at the TMM blog with your personal observations on how this all plays out in your world.

Now, attitudes of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As we sat around the conference table recently, in one of our editorial meetings (we have them daily), we began thinking about how we might produce a Thanksgiving program with some added flavor. A few newsmaker voices came to mind that we wouldn't mind hearing from, but then, as the wheels were churning, it clicked! We really need to hear from YOU...

As the holiday approaches, we're looking for heartwarming experiences from YOU to possibly share with our audience.

So, tell us ... what are you grateful for? And, is there a particular Thanksgiving that will forever be "unforgettable" in your book?

I'll go first:

I was a college senior enrolled here in Washington, D.C. ... For whatever reason, I couldn't get home to Milwaukee for the holiday. It was cold here. I didn't have a whole lot of money, and I was not ordering from the "Great Wall" Chinese carryout on Thanksgiving (not after growing up on my parents' signature make-you-wanna-holler dishes). Well, a woman I once attended church with, her name is Lakaiya, somehow learned I was in this strange city (after three or four years, Washington was still strange to me ... still is) alone on the holiday. In a selfless act of kindness, "Kai" dropped by with an entire home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner -- a turkey, family-sized trimmings, even dessert -- all just for ME. And she didn't even expect me to share it with HER. I would have, of course. That's when she and her family truly became "family" to me. And they still are.

So, again, what influences your attitude of gratitude?

Looking to hear (read) from you...

And, Kai, thanks again.