Our Gift to You : Tell Me More To keep in-step with the Season, we've prepared for you a special holiday gift of Tell Me More conversations...
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Our Gift to You

Holiday gift

Lee, here. Blogging from a freezing Milwaukee...

To keep in-step with the Season, we've prepared for you a special holiday gift of Tell Me More conversations. Enjoy!:

Christmas Eve

Star power, once again, graced our studios. We take a special peek at the new film (in theaters on Christmas Day), The Great Debaters.

Denzel Washington, who directed and starred in the film, paid a visit to NPR, as well as his co-stars: Jurnee Sollett (you might remember her as Eve in the 1997 film Eve's Bayou), Denzel Whitaker (a.k.a. the 17-year-old super kid; he's super mature, super enlightened) and Nate Parker (the studious actor also played Hakim in the film Pride, which debuted earlier this year).

We were also pleased to be joined by Ken Tolson, the grandson of Melvin Tolson, who's renowned work as an educator, poet and mentor is chronicled in the film.

It's the sophomore production with Washington as Director (his first was the emotional true story of Antwone Fisher in 2002).

Christmas Day

We take you inside the Advent Conspiracy. Sounds bizarre, we know. But, I think that's exactly why you'll want to tune in. Michel Martin talks to the folks behind the "conspiracy" to ask them all the questions you're probably wondering.

Also, hear from listeners who spend their holiday at the workplace.

(Speaking of which, how are you spending Christmas Day? If you don't celebrate, for whatever reason, or if you do, we want to know ... what's your tradition, if any? Please, do share...)

Finally, as the bow on our holiday gift to you, we'll spend Christmas with our Mocha Moms. They'll be joined by their children to tell us what the holidays mean to them.

Enjoy your gift! Send us your feedback. Let us know which conversations you like the most. And, don't forget to let us know how you're spending the holidays...

Amidst all of the holiday hustle and bustle, Tell Me More wishes you the Season's best -- from our family to yours. Cheers!