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Welcome Home (Sort of)

SO, not trying to be sexist, but what does a working dad come home to when he returns from a (short) business trip? Pretty much what he left, right?

What does a working mom come home to? Let's see...

- A Washington Wizard's cheerleader pinup poster, PERSONALLY inscribed to my son ... who is 4 years old;

- That same 4-year-old son with a gash across his nose;

- This conversation:

Um, what happened to his nose?

Oh, yeah. Well, we had a situation.

What situation?

Well, he kind of ran into his toy trash truck. Headfirst. He was upset, but he's okay now.

How did that happen?

Oh, you know, he was racing his truck in the hallway and he just kind of slipped, or dove into it. You know ... he's fine.

Well, I'm just kind of wondering why he was racing his truck in the hallway.

Oh, you know.

Also, enormous bag of kids clothing, bought on sale, including multiple polka dot hats and gloves. (I DID NOT share the thought to self: if I rolled in with a gi-normous bag, would not the reaction be, don't those kids have enough clothes? But I kept it to myself, instead offering supportive remarks: how thoughtful! How lovely! ... And where's mine?!)

But no bananas or apple juice, or...

OK, so the house is still standing. Everybody's fine. I APPRECIATE EVERYBODY holding it down while I was out. I'm just saying...

So, we had a great trip to South Carolina. We're still thinking about everything we saw and heard.

I'm still thinking about the whole issue of how race and gender plays into the conversation on the Democratic side. Is this a media pre-occupation, or one shared equally by voters?

And, just because all the GOP candidates are white men, does that mean there is no race-gender conversation to be had? If so, what is it (as the campaign moves south and west)?

There was an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal about the so-called class divide in black America. But isn't there a class divide among whites, too? ... And what about gender?

And, is the focus on the "divides" just following the story, or creating one?

We are percolating...