Could Latino Voters Hold Key to Dem Nominee? : Tell Me More Do Latinos identify more white than black?
NPR logo Could Latino Voters Hold Key to Dem Nominee?

Could Latino Voters Hold Key to Dem Nominee?

There's a lot going on today, so this is going to be quick. We have a very special guest coming, so I have to clear out of the studio so they can set up.

All of our guests are special, of course, but most don't travel with TRUNKS of equipment. Check this out: there are six music stands in here, five mic stands -- each outfitted with headphones and a console -- a drum kit, a bunch of locked trunks containing I know not what, and reams of chords and plugs.

There will be MUSIC in the house later on. You'll get to hear it on our program next week.

Want to know who it is?

Not. Telling.

But, we are sure you'll like it.

Want a hint?

The title of the artist's first album is something most of us use everyday. That's all I'm going to say right now.

Moving on ...

Today, we wanted to dig into one of the nagging questions in this election: how will Latinos vote, and how will that vote be influenced? There has been a lot of debate about this percolating in various forums ...

There's a column by one of our regulars Ruben Navarrette.

There's another piece by Gregory Rodriguez, whom we've also had on the program.

And there's The New Yorker piece that's gotten a lot of attention.

... One in the Chicago Tribune.

... And, Gebe Martinez's recent piece for Politico.

The gist of it seems to be, will Latinos vote for a black candidate?

Do Latinos identify more with white than black? Or, is this all nonsense and a matter of which candidate is running a stronger campaign?

Is the strength of name recognition at work?

And just how big is this sleeping giant of Latino voters, and when will it wake up? Or, has it already?

Those are some of the issues we talked about today.

Enjoy your weekend.

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