We're Listening to Each Other : Tell Me More A most unusual thing has happened to us today ...
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We're Listening to Each Other

A most unusual thing has happened to us today. A number of listeners who fired off some furious emails about our conversation with the Kosovar Albanians wrote back ... and apologized.

I have to tell you, this does not happen often. And, it is appreciated. Why? It shows that we're listening to each other.

Point of fact: it was never our intention to air one side of the issue, but we are of the belief that every conversation does not have to be a debate or an argument. We decided to hear from the Kosovar Albanians first because it was their side that gave us the news, if you will, in declaring independence. We wanted to hear how it felt, what it meant to them and why it mattered so much.

Yesterday, we brought in two Serbian students and a well known Balkan analyst, Obrad Kesic. Our apologies and thanks to Mr. Kesic because he had to fight through two hours of traffic to get to us, and still didn't make it to the studio. He talked to us from a cell phone, which is never great. But, we appreciated his insight and that of our two grad students. They grew up in the Slobodan Milosevic era and now have to live with the legacy of what he left behind.

Anyway, to the listeners who wrote back to say sorry, we spouted off too soon, thank you for that. We understand what it's like to feel disappeared from the conversation.

To the listeners who don't agree with what they heard yesterday, we hear you. This is a long and complex argument, better we fight it out with words.

And, today, another controversial and polarizing figure, Ralph Nader. He's running for President. Again. We went back and forth over how many times he's run ... is this the fourth or fifth (and, how did the 1992 write-in campaign figure in)?

What do you think about Nader's candidacy?

Should he stay home, keep going? ... Why?

We are dying to hear from you on this.

And, for the single parents out there, we know you sometimes feel disappeared from the conversations we have about parenting. And, no, this is not a make-up call, but we came across Trey Ellis' book about his adventures as a single dad and felt his perspective was so much his own, and yet something so many of us can relate to. (Cliche, I know. Get the style police to give me a ticket).

And, something soothing to take the edge off ... the lovely Lizz Wright. How can someone so young, be so, so ... cool?