All the Same in the Classroom? : Tell Me More Do black and white kids learn differently? And what about John McCain's controversial pastor?
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All the Same in the Classroom?

And we're off to Jackson, Mississippi, to visit with the folks at member station WJVS - right after the show. We'll be broadcasting from there tomorrow. But for today, the customary election day "Blackout" on election coverage is in effect. We avoid - and I do mean avoid because we are tearing ourselves away from it - political or campaign news on a day like today for a whole host of reasons, the main of which is to avoid saying something which might be incorrect, which might have an affect on the voting but which we then would be unable to correct in time. Anything containing "advocacy" is verboten until the polls close. But until then, here's an interesting article about why some people can't get off the whole Jeremiah Wright thing. We have been talking about this in the office (of course some of it is partisan ... people who want to beat Obama are obviously going to grasp on anything they can to make him look bad. Unless of course they are guided by some inner moral compass. But who are we kidding?). What we've been debating here in the office is why is it that white politicians like John McCain aren't being forced to account for similar relationships, like with John Hagee who has made what a lot of people consider offensive comments about Catholics and Muslims? PBS's Bill Moyers, who interviewed Wright on his program, said, it comes down to race after all. But here's another idea about WHY it comes down to race:

Researchers suggest that it comes to the way people associate people of other races or appearances as being more alike then they do members of their own group. Putting it another way, we all want to be judged as individuals and can judge members of our own group as individuals. But we have a tendency to associate people of different races as being more similar to each other. Anyway don't take my word for it. Read this and see if it rings true to you.

Speaking of decoding Wright ... we just could not help but revisit one of the issues he raised in one of his now infamous appearances before the Detroit NAACP - which is: do black kids and white kids have different learning styles? We decided to ask one of the people he cited in his speech, Wayne State's Dr. Janice Hale what she thinks. And another scholar who's spent time thinking about the way kids learn. See what you think.

Both of the educators we talked to, Pedro Noguera of New York University and Janice Hale, of Wayne State University, have done extensive work on this question of whether kids of different ethnic backgrounds learn differently and they have come away with very different views. If you want to learn more, here are books by each of them:

Pedro Nogeura:
His latest book, published just this April is The Trouble with Black Boys.

And Janice Hale: You can find out about her books here.

This is a very interesting issue. We will have to return to it.

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