Lee: ReMEDIAted : Tell Me More I had the pleasure of participating in an exciting new project here at NPR.
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Lee: ReMEDIAted

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Lee, here ...

I'm back!

You might have noticed that I've been missing in action from the TMM blogosphere, and from the program's weekly BackTalk roundup. (If you hadn't noticed, consider yourself caught up).

In case you missed Michel's explanation a few blog entries back, here's what I have not been up to for the past two months:

a) Traveling across the country on a road trip, in an effort to "find myself"

b) On paternity leave (seems like something is in the water around here)

c) Enjoying the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the popular "bro-cation" destination

Yeah, not quite.

Truth is, I was working. I had the pleasure of participating in an exciting new project here at NPR. Twelve of us within our news division were assembled to be trained (which was pretty intense, but even more enriching) and think strategically about NPR's expedition into new media.

Our mission: find ways to integrate a cross section of multimedia tools (high-definition video, graphics presentations, and audio-visual software, just to name a few) into how we report and discuss the world around us, still clinging to the editorial standards for which we are widely known.

Our goal: master all the fancy the tools (eventually) and become disciplined in thinking more broadly about the many more ways an NPR story can be told ... or seen (yes, seen)

See for yourself! Visit the project's blog, which also dubs as a public laboratory for testing the waters of multimedia news production. Tell us what you think. I'm interested.

And, of course, it's good to be back home with Michel, the TMM crew ... and you! Also, a big thanks to my colleague Douglas Hopper. He did a fine job overseeing our online presence in my absence. Cheers, D!