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Not Obama's 'Pastor Problem'?

So, you should know that today's program was almost entirely LIVE (with the exception of BackTalk). So, you can imagine that adrenaline levels around here were pretty high. Love it.

Also, in case you haven't heard, it seems Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is back in the hot seat with "breaking news" of a fiery sermon -- given by Catholic priest Michael Pfleger -- that contained a pretty strong analysis of Obama's rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

See for yourself:

So, here's the question: should Obama necessarily be implicated by Pfleger's words (both have since issues statements shunning the remarks)? Although the comments were made from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama once attended and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright serves as Senior Pastor, Father Pfleger is not Obama's spiritual leader, never has been.

And, what more, if anything, do these types of sermons -- and, recently, the subsequent media attention -- say about traditions within the Black church (Pfleger, himself, leads a predominantly-black parish)?

Meet you back here on Monday.