A Fair Trial? : Tell Me More Cheryl talks with two experts about the Supreme Court's decision to allow detainees at Guantanamo Bay the right to challenge their status. And a conversation about how the faith community can help win the war against poverty.
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A Fair Trial?

Hi all. It's Cheryl Corley, sitting in Michel while she takes some time off.

After we went off the air, we learned that Tim Russert, the host of NBC's Sunday Talk Show "Meet the Press" had died of a heart attack while at work. It was a shock wave for our industry. Russert was a journalist who loved his job and what we do - reporting, investigating and talking to people. He was one of the country's best known political reporters on television and we join the rest of our industry in honoring his life and his commitment .

Today's show was a mix of politics, religion, and court rulings. For example, if you think everyone has a right to a legal hearing if they get arrested, it seems the Supreme Court agrees! Today, we talked about the court's 5-4 ruling giving detainees at Guantanamo Bay a right to challenge their detentions. Our two guests, Cully Stimson with the Heritage Foundation and Shane Kadidal at the Center for Constitutional Rights have decidedly different views on Guantanamo but they agree we're not likely to have a more pragmatic detention policy until there's a new administration.

How best to mix politics and religion, if poverty is the subject? That was the question for our three guests, Iman Malik Mujahid, Alexia Kelley and Reverend Kip Banks. They joined us to talk about the discussions being held between religious leaders and a congressional caucus over the country's priorities. They say religious leaders have a moral responsibility to make sure issues like poverty stay in the forefront of the political arena.

And it's Friday, so the Barbershop Guys had a lot to say about Barack Obama's "fight the smears" website, the big Spike Lee/Clint Eastwood argument over World War II movies, plus the squabble between our own Barbershop guy Ruben Navarrette and CNN's Lou Dobbs. Check it out.

And of course we heard from you, which we always love.

Have a great weekend. We'll talk more Monday.


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