Five Things You Should Know : Tell Me More Five things you should know, including a new way for people to "Meet a Black Guy" at the Corvallis, Or., farmers market.
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Five Things You Should Know

1. What do you think ... should a court overturn a marriage because the groom finds out his wife isn't a virgin? A French Court said yes. Not the answer many wanted to hear.

2. Is the international community doing enough to combat HIV and AIDS around the world? One of Brazil's top health officials shares her thoughts.

3. Did you know there's a deep social stigma about Albinism in Tanzania? Now one woman may be able to give them a voice and change public opinion.

4. What about a stall at the local farmer's market where locals can "Meet a Black Guy"? They tried it in Corvallis, Oregon.

5. And ... know how to order a glass of rum at the bar? Scott Clime does and he'll teach you how.

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