Headed to NYC : Tell Me More ... has what you knew about the spouse of a previous candidate ever affected your vote?
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Headed to NYC

Let me get on up out of here. I'm headed to MY HOMETOWN, Nueva York — the Apple, the Empire State.

We'll be there for three days of broadcasts next week. We are delighted that we will now be part of the WNYC radio family as of Monday.


Check us out from New York in the first part of the week, then back in D.C. for the rest of the week.

Now, the week in politics ...

Today, we decided to talk about the SPOUSES of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. This year they both happen to be wives (who are we kidding? ... they always have been). It's become an axiom that we want to know who these guys are married to.

How much do we need to know?

Let's debate this. On the one hand, we know the spouses are key players. Most married people influence each other, how could they not? So, we should know something about them, shouldn't we? On the other hand, the wife is not on the ballot, so shouldn't there be some zone of privacy?

And, on the one hand, they are significant cultural figures. Why shouldn't we take them as seriously as we do singers and actors, rappers and athletes? But, on the other hand, can't we leave them alone? ... Since life is hard enough?

What do you say? How much so you want to know and has what you knew about the spouse of a previous candidate ever affected your vote?

Second, Faith Matters. We wanted to focus on Dr. James Dobson. What do you think his bone to pick with Obama is about? Is it doctrine or politics? And, who do You think is right?

Read a copy of Obama's speech. Then, hear what Dr. Dobson has to say about it.

And, of course, the Barbershop guys. What do you think about Don Imus's recent comments about suspended NFL cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones? Was he taken out of context? Do you care?

And, Shaq versus Kobe? Is it part of the game or enough already?
(I think you know where I come out on this, but I am still interested.)

Have a great weekend. When we talk next I'll be in the Apple. My hometown.