How Far Is Too Far? : Tell Me More So, if you haven't seen the cover of the latest New Yorker magazine by now, here it is ...
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How Far Is Too Far?

So, if you haven't seen the cover of the latest New Yorker magazine by now, here it is:

New Yorker cover

Folks are upset. Blogger/journalist Richard Prince talks about just how upset folks are in his daily online blog column Journal-isms.

We thought: Hey! Why not have him on the show to talk to us about this?

Great idea.

And, do you remember Emerge magazine? Now out of publication, it used to regularly push people's buttons. To the left is one of its most famous, or infamous, "hits."

A 1993 cover of Emerge depicted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a lawn jockey, echoing sentiments of Thomas' perceived disloyalty to the African-American community. hide caption

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George Curry was the Editor of Emerge and now writes a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the NNPA.

So, George, what about the New Yorker cover? What's fair game?

Let's ask him.

Also, tell us what you think. How far is too far for satire?

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