Dems Still Struggling To Unite : Tell Me More Guest host Cheryl Corley holds down the TMM fort while Michel Martin covers the Democratic National Convention (DNC) from Denver.
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Dems Still Struggling To Unite

Hi, Everyone. It's Cheryl Corley, here in Washington, D.C. Tell Me More's host Michel Martin and producer Teshima Walker are on the ground in Denver covering the Democratic National Convention (DNC). They're blogging each day giving you a backstage pass to what's happening at the DNC.

It seems the unity Democrats hope to portray still is in the making. On the show today, Michel told us the tension is still thick between supporters of Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Elbra Wedgeworth, the woman who led the charge to bring the convention to Denver expects all to be resolved this week.

Also, Denver's Deputy Mayor, Guillermo Vincente Vidal, talked to us about what the convention will mean for the city. He is also the author of a memoir called Boxing for Cuba. Vidal hopes the convention will also help shape how the United States approaches immigration issues in the future.

Of course, every night the DNC will feature a keynote speaker. Tonight it's Michelle Obama, potentially the country's next first lady. We profiled Obama's professional life on the show today and, tonight, she's expected to talk about why she believes her husband is the best person to lead the country.

Speaking of which, all this week, Tell Me More will hear from different voices about what the possibility of having an African-American in the White House means to them. We're calling the series WHAT IF?. Today, our first guest was Eric Holder, Jr., who helped lead the search committee for the Obama's running mate.