Talk About Good Genes : Tell Me More Lynn Neary fills in for Michel Martin as guest hose of TMM. Neary tells of meeting 89-year-old John Tatum, and how Tatum's physical regimen, obviously, does a body good...
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Talk About Good Genes

It's Lynn Neary filling in for Michel Martin while she takes some much-needed time off. I'll be blogging here throughout the week, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

Looking dapper and trim, and very much not his age, 89-year-old John Tatum walked down the hall to the TMM studio and I knew who he was without being introduced. To look like that at his age, you have to take care of yourself. Good genes can only get you so far.

And that, of course, was the point of Lonnae O'Neal Parker's article in the Washington Post Magazine which features John Tatum, a member of the Washington Wizards swimming team for people fifty and older. As Lonnae explained on today's program, research has shown that exercise can offset the ravages of age. And I have to say, after meeting Mr. Tatum, I am a believer.

This weekend, I just happened to be staying in a building with a pool on the roof, so with all the enthusiasm of the newly converted I got up early Saturday morning and swam 30 laps.

Okay, so it wasn't an Olympic sized pool. It was a mere 15 yards. Still I did it. And I would like to tell you I did the same thing the next morning. But I didn't. I slept in.

Sleep is helpful in offsetting the ravages of age too, isn't it?