What to Do? : Tell Me More Michel Martin asks if you think the army fairly investigated the death of 19-year-old LaVena Johnson while serving in Iraq.
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What to Do?

Warning: (Unavoidable) Obscenity below.

TMM Producer Douglass Hopper is back from Mexico City, so I can't leave the heavy lifting to him anymore. Oh well.

Today we had a debate over the lede of the show.

Do we talk about Ron Suskind's new book? Or do we go with a bloggers' roundtable discussion on politics?

Follow this link to an interview on Ron's new book with Steve Inskeep on NPR's Morning Edition.

Our question was: what can we add to the conversation? Is there a guest we can bring you who can shed light on the truth or falsity of his claims? Is there more to say that Steve didn't get to talk about?

In the end, I'll be honest, it came down to ... I have to finish reading the book before I can do a credible job with the interview. We'll keep you posted.

And so it was on to the question of whether Sen. Hillary Clinton's name should be put into nomination at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. On its face this is not an interesting question; typically that is what's done for a former opponent of the expected nominee. But this election has been so fraught with discord, party leaders are wondering whether that's a good idea.

And, some erstwhile Clinton supporters say yes they can!

What to do, what to do? We don't know, so we asked two bloggers to hash it out: Darragh Murphy of PUMA.org and Pamela Merritt of Angryblackb--ch.com

(That's really the name of the blog, but it has interesting content ... so what can I do?)

And, I'd like you to tell me more about what you think about the lack of diversity in the cast of moderators selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates to moderate the, well, Presidential debates. Yes, Gwen Ifill will, once again, moderate the VEEP debate (and, yes, she is one of my closest friends), but still ...

Finally, our hearts go out to the family of LaVena Johnson who died while serving in Iraq in 2005. But did the Army investigate her death fairly, or is her family in denial? ... And how will we ever get to the bottom of it?

Let us know what you think.