RNC Backstage Pass: Listening to McCain : Tell Me More Michel Martin blogs from the RNC floor as she listens to Sen. John McCain accept the GOP nomination for president.
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RNC Backstage Pass: Listening to McCain

Crowd members wave signs of "Service" for GOP nominee Sen. John McCain at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, Minn. Rolando Arrieta, NPR hide caption

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Rolando Arrieta, NPR

... Nearing the end of John McCain's speech.

Right now, I feel privileged to have been here to see it, and indeed privileged to have heard both his and Barack Obama's speech.

This one is as remarkable in its own way -- gracious, tough, leaving nothing on the table.

There are not so many tears here, there were moments of near silence, which is a remarkable thing in a hall of 20,000 people. There are many lumps in the throat as a room full of men used to holding things in heard their truth spoken out loud.

Both men (Obama and McCain) called this country and its people to its best self -- something grander and more remarkable than we might even imagine. They have very different visions about how to get there, but in the end they both offer a call to decency, a call to service, a call to put others above self.

Will we listen? ... And to whom?