Debate Debriefing : Tell Me More Analyze this: The 2nd Presidential Debate.
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Debate Debriefing

Ok, I'll admit it -- this was my call -- we switched around today's show to focus pretty much entirely on politics.

We had planned to bring you some music but we decided to go deep on analysis of last night's presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., and to look ahead to a new documentary premiering tonight about the Latino voter.

We had promo'd Rachael Yamagata's new album but after last night's debate -- after we realized we had a chance to interview several great guests from Tennessee, and after the scene of last night's debate and along with experienced analysts who are in touch with key constituencies and swing states -- we couldn't resist.

So ...Rachael, we love you and we'll hear from you soon.

But what can we say? The senior senator from Tennessee, the editorial page editor of the (Nashville) Tennessean, the editor of the student newspaper at the university hosting the debate, the executive director of Voto Latino!

But first, the debate last night:
Did you watch? What were the highlights (or low lights)?

Did it change anything for you?

Will you watch the next (and final) one next week?

And what are you watching FOR?

And, overall, how'd we do for you today? Love it? Hate it? Sick of politics? Can't get enough? Can't wait for it to be over? Feel both ways? Discuss it.

And because we can't leave you without ANYTHING hummable if we can help it, find out what's playing in Mike Duncan's ear. He's the chairman of the RNC and I'm sure you heard our interview with him about politics and all that. But find out what he's got on his iPOD...