Laugh About Stressful Days : Tell Me More If the day is stressful, then go with the flow, until you find a laugh around the bend. We did it today.
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Laugh About Stressful Days

So some days are bit more stressful than others. We can all agree about that, right? I mean, who among us hasn't had a day when it all just seemed to be out of sorts? No matter how hard you, or perhaps others around you (especially if you're in an office), tried to make it happen there was a snafu anyway. You know how it usually goes: the people are on point but the equipment isn't -- that sort of thing. We had one of those days today.

We're reasonably confident that by the time the broadcast reached your ears all was just peachy. We did do everything to bring you a power-packed program today. Of course that meant politics, a religious topic, listening to what our listeners and bloggers had to say. And, can it be Friday without the Barbershop guys?

For our Political Chat segment we called on two of our own: NPR's Political Editor Ken Rudin, and Michele Norris, one of the hosts at All Things Considered. They helped sift data and attitudes about voters ahead of the Nov. 4 presidential election. It was interesting to see how some southern states are shifting from their traditions. But further north in York, Penn., some voters continue to cling to the ugliest of racial vestiges that were once only associated with the South. Give a listen and tell us what you think.

We're also wondering what you think about same-sex marriage. Do these unions tear at the fabric of your community? What happens when it's your faith community? What about when that community is of the same race -- does that create a more complicated emotion? We had African-American clergy discuss Proposition 8, which would outlaw same-sex marriages throughout California. Same-sex marriages became legal in the sate back in June. Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., of Hope Christian Church advocated traditional unions while Rev. Deborah Johnson opposes the Proposition 8.

With such intense stuff we were glad to lighten up a bit with the Barbershop guys. They brought on the chuckles with their various takes on robocalls, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's big-ticket wardrobe, and the World Series. It was a great way to at least try and deal with the manifestation of Murphy's Law.

Have a good weekend. And if it starts to turn into one of those weekends, know that we, at least, feel you.