Planning to Sit Out Election Day.... Why? : Tell Me More Are you one of the people who, for some reason, are not planning to vote in this year's historic presidential election? We'd love to know your reason — and it could be any reason!
NPR logo Planning to Sit Out Election Day.... Why?

Planning to Sit Out Election Day.... Why?

So over the course of the election year we have talked about the whole racism versus sexism thing, we've talked about the Bradley effect (myth or reality), we've talked about the Colin Powell endorsement, we've talked about how Latinos, Evangelicals may vote, Reagan Democrats, Muslim Republicans, and whether, or how, you should talk about racial rhetoric in the campaign with your kids.

Now we have a shout out to those who (drum roll, please) DON'T CARE AT ALL.

I'm serious! We want to visit with people who -- as of right now anyway -- aren't planning to vote, don't care to vote, aren't interested, for whatever reason.

Obviously we're interested in those who are eligible to vote and just choose not to. If you care to tell us your story, we want to hear it. And we're particularly interested in your story if you'd be willing to come on the program to talk about it. But even if not, post your thoughts here on our blog. Let us know.

We also want to know your thoughts on our international briefing. Every Thursday we try to bring you stories from around the world you probably aren't hearing anywhere else. We think it adds value at a time when we are so narrowly focused on a few issues.

Let us know whether there are stories that particularly engage you, and if there are other stories we are missing...