Eruption Of Emotion As Obama Signals Victory : Tell Me More A crowd gathered to watch news coverage Election Day results shows uncontrollable emotion upon hearing that an Obama presidency seemed to be more imminent.
NPR logo Eruption Of Emotion As Obama Signals Victory

Eruption Of Emotion As Obama Signals Victory

A crowd watching Election Night results in Washington, D.C., erupts as the possibility of an Obama presidency seemed imminent. Lee Hill, NPR hide caption

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Lee Hill, NPR

A massive eruption of emotion — all at once — best describes the reaction here when language flashed across television screens, reporting that Sen. Barack Obama was projected to have grasped the U.S. presidency. CNN announced their projection based on the network's own analysis of election results data.

The multi-ethnic crowd here seems to be mainly comprised of voters under the age of 40, a group which pre-Election Day polling suggested was more supportive of an Obama presidency.

The scene: there is dancing, screaming, crying — weeping, rather — as people here celebrate something that, if affirmed by final poll numbers, could signal a new chapter in American society and political culture.

More as we know it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of this posting, NPR News, producer of Tell Me More, has not projected Obama as winner of the presidency.

(Throughout the evening, the Web site experienced a series of technical challenges that prevented us from bringing the more extensive coverage of tonight's election results as originally planned. The issue continues to be investigated on this end. Once resolved, we have every intention on bringing you those perspectives.)