Measured Craziness ... : Tell Me More A crazy salad of a show today, but you will see there's a method to our madness.
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Measured Craziness ...

A crazy salad of a show today, but you will see there's a method to our madness.

As you probably know, we try to focus on international news on Thursdays in our international briefing. For the next couple of weeks we are going to try making rounds to the embassies to hear what representatives of a number of countries have to say about what they what they hope and expect from an Obama administration. We are plan to focus on Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean; we feel that most major news organizations go to the European capitals first, we want to round out that perspective.

And I was very happy to get that postcard from Kabul. The writer, Gayle Tzemach, has a forthcoming book about women entrepreneurs. Tzemach has been visiting Afghanistan off and on since her days as a student at Harvard Business School. Anyway, Gayle sent me an email when she arrived on her latest trip and just after Election Day she sent us her latest postcard.

We want to hear from you.

We always hoped that our listeners would keep us up to date on their travels. And, yes, we do care about the food and sightseeing, but we're more interested in those nuggets that tell us something about a place, about which we are not hearing anywhere else. It's the reporter's eye, if you want to call it that, but you don't need a title.

Let us know. Keep us in mind the next time you get on a plane somewhere interesting.

And, speaking of listening ...

James Lipton.

Are you one of the 89 million people who watch Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio"? Do you ever find yourself wondering about the guy behind the blue cards, James Lipton? Well the 200th episode of the program just aired this week, and Lipton is also out with a new memoir, Inside Inside.

I confess, when I learned that he interviews his subjects for three and four, and even five HOURS, I felt kind of deflated. Our 20-minute visit just scratched the surface, and to be honest it does just scratch the surface.

I did my best, check it out. And do watch the anniversary show with Dave Chappelle, if you can.

And what can I say about our girl, PINK???