A Final Look Back At Election Day ... In Baltimore : Tell Me More Watch a TMM audio slideshow. It's a final look back at sights and sounds from Election Day.
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A Final Look Back At Election Day ... In Baltimore

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Lee Hill, NPR

So, in my blog post on election night, late Tuesday evening, I mentioned that we'd experienced technical challenges with NPR.org, which led to some complications on the production front. Here's even more material from TMM's virtual bag of Election Day goodies. Enjoy!

On Tuesday morning, TMM producers Jennifer Longmire, Argin Hutchins and intern Leila Taha headed north to Baltimore, about a 45-minute drive from our shop here in Washington, D.C.

Here's Jennifer with a last look back at the Election Day scene.

Hey, Lee. What struck me was how determined people were to vote in Baltimore. I saw people in wheelchairs, walkers. I saw people helping others to the polls, doing car pools — all in an effort to get themselves there, and help others get there, too. They all said the same thing upon exiting, it's my right, and change is upon us. They told us that they take voting seriously, and want to be heard. And just about all of the voters we talked to, seemed to have one thing in common: a strong desire to see Sen. Barack Obama claim victory.

Thanks, Jennifer.

See for yourself. Check out the audio slideshow.