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Help Us Cover the Inauguration!

The historic swearing in of Barack Obama on Jan. 20th is approaching fast. In just two weeks, millions are expected to flock to the nation's capital to witness the former Chicago community organizer and U.S. Senator be sworn in as the nation's 44th president ... and to, um, get their party on like it's nobody's business.

(Funny, I keep getting e-mails. Of course, every group's ball, luncheon, after party, etc. is the modestly branded the "must attend" event of the week.)

Around here, we're thinking a lot about how to distinguish our coverage of Inauguration Week -- Jan. 19th through the 23rd -- from what, quite honestly, you're likely to be exposed to via many other news outlets. We're contemplating our flavor, if you will.

With all of the Obama fanfare, we're also mindful that Monday, Jan. 19th, is the day we honor the life and sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- just over 40 years since his assassination.

Questions for you:

What types of inauguration stories would you like to hear from TMM?

If you're making the trip to Washington, great! ... But if not, tell us how we can help make you feel as close to the news as possible with our reporting -- on the radio, and here on the Web.

At a time like this, which voices are you longing to hear from? ... Are there personal experiences, thoughts or observations you think we should consider?

And, if you aren't an Obama fan (in other words, if you'll be holding your applause), how are you thinking about all of this, and what are your hopes for the next administration?

Working hard to tell you more ...

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