This Winter Wonderland Is A Bit Much : Tell Me More Well, let me tell you. Two feet of snow is no joke, okay?
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This Winter Wonderland Is A Bit Much

You probably heard, we got a lot of snow this weekend.

Ha! I know all you haters out there in both warmer and colder climates have no sympathy. I can hear it now:

What is UP with you people who can't handle some precipitation?

Well, let me tell you. Two feet of snow is no joke, okay?

I lived in New England back in the day but, I have to tell you, I was living in dorms then, responsible for no one but myself. I remember one year when Harvard cancelled classes for the first time in 35 years and we were like, yay ... sleep in, catch up on some work, play scrabble.

The cafeteria was still open, the heat was on. No worries.

Not so this time. The big issue for us: would the power stay on? Yes or no?

The issue is that the very thing many of us love about living here in the D.C. area — all the trees — are the enemy when it comes to this kind of weather. Some of them just could not handle the heavy heavy snow. They were cracking and knocking down power lines all over the place. We were all e-mailing each other. .... Do you have heat? Do you have power? (Some people had lights but no heat, some people had heat but no lights.) You get the idea.

And I was wondering what happened to all the Super Bowl parties? I have a couple of friends who were planning BLOWOUTS. What did they do with all the andouille and chicken wings? (I volunteer to help dispose of it. I'm just trying to be neighborly.)

I am telling you all this because we are here anyway and I think our staff deserves at least a little gold star.

Yay team!

I meant this team.

Oh, and of course, Who Dat?