I’ll Be Right There : Tell Me More It's the end of the school year.  For children, that means summer fun.  For parents, it is a whole other story.  The program's host she's so busy she's writing song lyrics about it.
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I’ll Be Right There

It’s the end of the school year ... and I am fried. Parents, you know what I’m talking about, right?

We’re talking end of school year picnic, last soccer game, end of soccer season banquet, recitals, end of recitals banquet. Not to mention, sorting through piles of drawing and artwork and playing the what to keep game (“everything!” “Hey! That’s mine, I wanted to keep that!”). Then there's the playdate with the friends who are moving to different schools game, and the getting ready for camp. Not complaining, just reporting. Happy the kids have these opportunities, happy I can still afford the gas to get them there. Wonder when my avatar is going to show up to help get them to all these places, not to mention my mother is still staying with us and really really wants to get her hair done.

I’ll be right there. I’ll be right there.

Now that Jill Scott is a mommy, do you think I could get her to write a song about it?  Yes we still love “living life like it’s golden…”  But I have a title.  And a chorus:

I’ll be right there

I’ll be right there

Yes I am listening

I’ll be right there

I am sure she could do something with that, right?

I bet Obama feels the same way.

By the way ... he speaks to the nation tomorrow night. We’ll be listening in.