Too Much Or Too Little? : Tell Me More Tell Me More host Michel Martin wants to know what you think about the flow of the program.
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Too Much Or Too Little?

I am looking for feedback. I recognize people will not always agree ... because we don’t.  But I am looking for a sense of the “room.”

I am thinking the program is too full on some days - too rushed - and that too many of the segments are too short. I am thinking we might want to consider sacrificing some breadth for depth (because time is the one thing they are not making any more of - are you listening NPR?).

Tell Me More producers map out the program on an ever-changing white board.  Are we using our dry erase markers wisely? Douglas Hopper hide caption

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Douglas Hopper

As much as it would pain me to bypass some of the stories we’ve been doing, I am thinking we might need to let some things go so we can dig deeper on others.

Teshima Walker, our Senior Supervising Producer, does not agree. Part of her theory is that most people don’t listen to the full hour so if we stick with one subject too long that we will lose people who might not be interested in one thing but who will stick around if they know something else is coming.

As Ricky Nelson sang, "You can’t please everybody so you have to please yourself." But I am curious about how you hear the program. On an average day, how long do you listen? And what do you value more?

What do you think?