A Poetic, Heartfelt Love For House Music : Tell Me More Chicago DJ Darlene Jackson, also known as "DJ Lady D," says house music appeals to her inner feminist.
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A Poetic, Heartfelt Love For House Music

First, a poetic take …

I’m the beat in your heart, pulsing with every breath you take.  You can feel my percussion long after you have drifted to sleep.  I am House Music.  I run so deeply within your veins that each time you leave me, you return to me again.  You may get lost in me and find yourself and that is why you love me so.  

I will bind where cohesion seems most unlikely.  I am the ultimate matchmaker; for I see not color, creed or religion.  I am pure vibration.  Bring your masses, your gathering of souls and I will free you to “be”.  I enlighten others so they may see the light in you is— the light.  Hold a mirror to me and you will see love regardless of race, strength balanced among gender and spirit that soars beyond all human reason.  In me you find support and healing from hurt.

Now, a literal take …

I’m unusually passionate about music and dance anyway but coming of age in the 80’s had a great influence on my love for House music.  Being from Chicago and having witnessed the birth and ascent of House has contributed greatly to this affair.

House appeals to me because it speaks to my inner feminist.  In House, women are not disparaged and that empowers me.  Finally, the energy of House and its ability to inspire listeners in feeling and purpose leads me to believe: House is love manifest.

Darlene Jackson is a DJ -- better known as DJ Lady D -- and writer living in Chicago.